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What is a Tiny Act Of Rebellion?

A 'tiny act of rebellion' or TAR is anything you can do which rebel against the 'man'. And by 'man' I mean, your female boss, the play you're watching, the waiter at Nandos, your own self.....basically anything which satisfies your rebellious spirit but is done 'tinily', not on a grandiose scale. Man, that was hard. Example: Say you hate your neighbor but you don't want a direct confrontation (i.e. you're a wimp). Why not wrap a brown box and label it in large letters: THESE ARE NOT BONER PILLS and give it to his wife? It's fun!

Why should I send you my Tiny Acts?

Not only will I look at them, but I will fondle and touch them--- wait, that's my doll contest. Giving me your TARs allows you to be in my TINY ACTS ARMY and I just may post them on the website, put them in my show or film you doing it with me (not doing it with you, doing a tar). Please feel free to send written TARs, video versions, even dioramas with squirrels.

Good luck and don't screw it up, I'm very impatient!


#tinyacts Hall Of Fame
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well we're over edinburgh hump day and now have only 12 shows to do. wait, 12!?!

here's are a few of the most enthusiastic Tiny Acters out there for our #tinyacts HALL OF FAME:

@RealCarolynD: Leave double chocolate cupcakes outside the door of the Weight Watchers meeting.

@hotdogwhistle: hold a seance for people that are alive and at the seance with you.

@sweet_sami: Going the opposite direction to the way the arrows are pointing around the Ikea showroom.

@Stouffer: Fake a heart attack to get quicker service in a bar.

keep on tweeting #tinyacts you tiny acters & for those of you who haven't seen the show yet, tickets are still available at the gilded balloon

Tiny Acter New Recruit: Kieran (4th Aug)
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Watch Kieran making a bold attempt to get everyone's attention at the Gilded Balloon for my show yesterday. Unfortunately the only two who listened were an elderly couple from Venezuela. Nice work Kieran but you've still got a long way to go. Ass wipe. Just kidding. Good going Tiny Acter.

Click on the image below to see the video:














You could be the next Kieran!

Book now for TINY ACTS OF REBELLION at the Edinburgh Fringe.


#tinyacts Is Coming...
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Rich is on his way up to Scotland to today in search of 'Tiny Acters' throughout the month.

Are you a Tiny Acter? Book tickets to find out:

















Have you got your own Tiny Act? Use #tinyacts on Twitter.

** Rich was interviewed on Saturday by Justin Lee-Collins on XFM. Click on the "listen again" button on XFM's website and select Justin Lee-Collins' 30th July show; Rich is on from approx 1:32:57 to 1:52:30. Enjoy!

Gigs Gigs Gigs
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this week is GIG week.

i am previewing my edinburgh show three times yes three times this week. makes me exhausted just typing this. zzzzzzz

the first one is at the Roundhouse with sketch comedy funnies WitTank

THU 30TH JULY 8PM: buy tickets here

then there are two at the Hen & Chickens Theatre (my spiritual home)

SAT 2ND JULY 9:30PM: buy tickets here

SUN 3RD JULY 9:30PM: buy tickets here

click for MORE INFO and click here for VENUE details.

Fulcher On Ferguson
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Catch up on Rich's appearance on the The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson which aired on Wednesday 19th January on CBS in the US. Craig and Rich talk about all things Rebellious and various animals of the snake, fly and horse variety......
Etiny Acts Of Rebellion
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Tiny Acts of Rebellion is now available to download as an ebook and just in time for Christmas! Get yours here =?? eHo ho ho ho!
Tiny Acts At Book Slam
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I will be appearing at BOOK SLAM AT CLAPHAM GRAND this Thursday - 21st October. Featuring: Jesse Armstrong (The Thick of It, Peep Show, Four Lions), Rich Fulcher (Mighty Boosh), Tim Key (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner, Charlie Brooker???s Newswipe), Music from Hailey Beavis ???The daddy of London book clubs.??? Time Out Clapham Grand, Clapham Junction, London, SW11 1TT Tickets: ??6 in advance from, ??8 (??6 NUS) on the door Doors open 6.30pm, performances start at 7.30pm sharp The summer is now officially over, ???the nights are drawing in???, someone has mentioned Christmas and George Osborne???s axe is about to strike. But here at Book Slam we laugh in the face of budget cuts and can???t help giggling at the prospect of a double dip. Forget all your woes for one night and come join the hilarity as Book Slam hosts a comedy special with a spectacular line up of award-winning writers, comedians and poets.
Edinburgh Book Signing : Thu 26 Aug
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Rich will be signing copies of his book "Tiny Acts of Rebellion" this Thursday at Waterstones West End on Princes Street at 5.30PM.

Come on down and meet the man himself while he takes an afternoon off from being his alter ego??Eleanor The Tour Whore.
Hollywood, Ca - 05/01/10 - Amoeba Records
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Americans! Rejoice!
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Now you Yankees can laugh too! Tiny Acts of Rebellion is now available in America. Order the book here at