Email me your Tiny Acts Of Rebellion here

What is a Tiny Act Of Rebellion?

A 'tiny act of rebellion' or TAR is anything you can do which rebel against the 'man'. And by 'man' I mean, your female boss, the play you're watching, the waiter at Nandos, your own self.....basically anything which satisfies your rebellious spirit but is done 'tinily', not on a grandiose scale. Man, that was hard. Example: Say you hate your neighbor but you don't want a direct confrontation (i.e. you're a wimp). Why not wrap a brown box and label it in large letters: THESE ARE NOT BONER PILLS and give it to his wife? It's fun!

Why should I send you my Tiny Acts?

Not only will I look at them, but I will fondle and touch them--- wait, that's my doll contest. Giving me your TARs allows you to be in my TINY ACTS ARMY and I just may post them on the website, put them in my show or film you doing it with me (not doing it with you, doing a tar). Please feel free to send written TARs, video versions, even dioramas with squirrels.

Good luck and don't screw it up, I'm very impatient!